The folks at AriseTV know how to treat a lady. It wasn’t just the boat trip to and from the interview, or the hospitality when I got there but also particularly the professionalism that was apparent from the minute I stepped into the Arise News Studios in Apapa.

I was interviewed by Toyosi Etim-Effiong and Stephanie Coker on ‘The Morning Show’. We discussed everything from that time I opened for Chaka Khan and how she dedicated a song to me during her show to my thoughts on being called an ‘Alternative artist’. I explained that being called ‘alternative’ is not at all derogatory to me because I see it as factual. Pop music in this space is uptempo, high-energy danceable etc. Anything that is alternative to that is simply ‘alternative’. If I were to be plonked in Europe, I am likely to be classified as more commercial because there is a wider audience for the kind of music I do.

I’m nowhere near demoralized by the niche audience that I try to cater to in Nigeria and the truth is, that niche grows every single day. There may well come a time when ‘alternative’ artists take the lead. Who knows?!

Here are pictures from the interview experience.