Happy New Year!!! I know that this year is going to be great for all of us as long as we believe that it will.
Speaking of new year’s – if you’re like me, it’s only day two and I’m already feeling overwhelmed. This is mostly because I really want to fulfill all my goals successfully and I want to see a positive and noticeable shift in my career.  Are you feeling the same way?
After a little reading and research, I came up with a few methods to adopt for the rest of the year, in the hope that it will help us focus better on the right things yet enjoy what we are actually doing… which is… oh yeah, right….. MUSIC!

1). Assess Your Goals With The S.M.A.R.T acronym

S – Specific
M – Measurable
A – Achievable
R – Realistic
T – Time-bound
Ways your music goals can be smart
e.g. album launch concert
S – Where? When? Why? How? Will it be small or big? Invitation-only or tickets sold to the public?
M – Will you know if/when your promotional efforts are getting enough publicity in order to attract the amount of people that you want to come to the show?
A – Is a launch concert something that will work for you or work against you whether financially or otherwise.
R – Size of the concert hall, are you well-known enough to sell out a particular hall or stadium, selling tickets at x amount – too high? too low? Will you be able to get enough sponsors for it?
T – a series of deadlines which dictate when certain milestones must occur for social media, sending designs to ticket printer, designing and ordering merchandise, how much time do you need to get the right amount of funding?

2). The Magical 3 P’s

Purpose (the foundation)
I got this from a book called ‘The One Thing’ by Gary Keller (I highly recommend it). I’ve always known about the 5 P’s in economics so this was a refresher. For me, purpose is key! If you have a good idea of what your purpose is, decision-making tends to be a lot easier. Prioritizing your goals and possibly putting them into Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4 or separating them by year maybe?could be tidier for your mind. And then finally Productivity over procrastination is really the way to go. Being more concerned about ‘IF’ you should do something as opposed to ‘WHEN’ and ‘HOW’ to get it done is my kind of 2017.
e.g. album launch concert
Purpose – What is the reason for an album launch concert? Is it to gain more fans, is it to spread the word about your music, will you be able to earn some money from it. Articulate the purpose of planning a concert before you embark on the journey. What you desire as results will help to direct your steps in the initial planning stages.
Priority – Is the album launch the right thing to do right now or should you spend more time promoting the music via a radio/tv tour? Should you focus less on 1 huge concert and maybe do 5 smaller intimate shows around the country or coast… for now?
Productivity – How productive can you be on your own and who do you need on your team? What actionable goals need to be fulfilled amongst which people in order to get things done effectively and in a timely fashion?

3). Be Wise About Goal-Setting

Yes! If you have a list of 10 big goals for this year or first half of the year, then there are definitely about half of those things that could either be postponed or eradicated altogether

4). Make A Visual Map

I’m very visual. I prefer to have a map where  possible. Are you? You have all these various goals that you would like to do but if you don’t list them in a way that you can see everything and therefore make a decision about what’s most important or what can wait, it will be hard to make a decision on what the priorities really are.

5). Connect As Many Goals To Eachother As Possible

This year for example, I want to be better with this blog and also attach a bi-weekly vlog to it. How I’ve been able to come up with a decent strategy that won’t drive me crazy is by ensuring that the vlog will contain 80% of content that I feature on the blog – that way I’m not doing double work. It will help to solidify my message and the audience who reads the blog will hopefully look for the vlog and vice-versa.

What are your goals? How many are there? How are you going to make them happen this year?

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