When we’re not on stage, we still need to represent our brand in a positive way. I’m always in a bit of a pickle when I have to figure out what to wear to an investor meeting pitch or even a press conference but still look like a cool superstar with style and edge. Well, Beyoncé has a great answer for this one.

The Power Suit

The power suit is a fantastic go-to outfit when you want to be taken seriously as a female musician. It does two things; depending on the cut and tailoring – it can look androgynous and fierce. Secondly, it lets people see you very differently to how you might dress on stage or on the red carpet. It just adds a bit more variety to your existing fashion portfolio.

Beyoncé’s gives a great look to try – probably one of very few times you can be taken seriously in a short skirt. She paired it with similar colored heels and very little jewelry. It’s a very well put together look that suggests #girlpower #girlboss!!

Beyoncé power suit

Where to wear this to:

  • Press conference
  • Endorsement deal signing
  • TV interview
  • Investor pitch meeting

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