Love love love this creation and loved wearing it even more. Funmi (my tailor) did her thing.

So, initially I had drawn/designed a longer jacket that would cover the playsuit at the back but it just didn’t move right with the ruffles so in the end we made it a shorter jacket and used the extra polka dot materials to make ruffles elsewhere.

We added ruffles to the side of the bottom half of the playsuit at the last minute just incase I wanted to take off the jacket during the performance. I didn’t end up doing that though.

I added some bougainvillea flowers to my hair from my mummy’s garden (@nimisgarden). It’s not really bougainvillea season so they looked a little limp but they were the exact color of the taffeta we used for the playsuit.

Performing in this outfit was so fun mostly because of the where the ruffles were – when I played the piano, the ruffles on the arm would move. When I danced a little, everything would move.

I also really liked the silhouette it gave! Of course, everything came together very nicely with Polly Alakija’s amazing piano and floral backdrop! This is also the reason I chose white and nude/blush – so that things won’t look too busy on stage. My background vocalists wore all white as well.  They looked goooood! I think we will do that more often!