Personal branding goes beyond just your music and your logo. In the music industry, I don’t need to remind you that your appearance and style is important. But beyond that, a signature style can really help to put you in a more competitive position.

1). It Helps You To Stand Out

The music industry is already saturated as it is. It can be hard to stand out with all the noise but fashion is certainly one way to be unique. If you are a new-comer, having an interest in the fashion world could really help. People often gravitate towards uniqueness and can sometimes base their opinions of your music on how you look and your presentation – sad but true!

2). It Solidifies Your Message

You should hopefully have a message attached to your music and to your brand. Matching you stage style to the energy you give during your performances and the kind of songs you sing really add a lot to your overall visual presence. Don’t take it for granted. If you’re trying to get a message across, get creative and specific with your outfits. You could even go beyond just shapes or styles and focus more on color. Take Janelle Monae for example; Did you know that her reasons for consistent black and white outfits was to do with creating a ‘uniform’. She started off with tailored suits. Now, she’s more experimental -as long as it’s black and white.

3). It Reduces Shopping Stress

When you have a signature style, your eye automatically becomes drawn to particular pieces that make up that style every time you shop. It’s always best to pick out pieces throughout the year or be aware of the designers that create pieces that match what you are used to wearing so that you’re never pressured when you have a last minute event you need an outfit for.

4). You Create A Connection

What’s a better way to bridge a gap between you and your audience than to meet them halfway with a cool signature style that makes them feel they can relate to you. Look at how Gaga’s fans dress when they come to watch her perform. Of course they do it to hopefully get photographed and featured in her archives lol but they also whole-heartedly subscribe to her mantra of “You are perfect just the way you are”. By her inspiring such elaborate confidence in her dressing, she has created a following of people who are now not afraid to be just as daring and bold as she is. The loyalty will keep growing.

5). Consistency Builds Trust

Having a consistent stage style is like having a clear and consistent message. It builds trust not only visually but emotionally. Gaining trust will also gradually boost followership numbers and eventually sales.

6). Merchandise

As you start to see more and more people commenting, reposting and writing blogs about your stage style… nothing stops you from turning it into a business. You could decide to start a clothing line and sell some of your signature looks as merchandise. More money in your pocket.
So there it is! Your signature stage style can be a gateway to more loyal fans and more income too.
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