When Mo Farah made history at the 2016 #RioOlympics, he wasn’t celebrated only for being a 3-time olympic gold medalist but also because… well… watch below:

After I watched this, I realized that there are so many things we can learn from this one moment in history. Here are my thoughts below:

1). Prepare And Train Smart

I have heard it said that aspiring Olympians start training for the next Olympics as soon as the current one ends. They pace themselves to gradually get better so that by the time the next Olympics comes round – they are at their absolute best.
When it comes to preparation, we are taught to prepare to win but hardly ever taught how to prepare to win immediately after failure. Some call it ‘damage control’ but it’s much more than that. After Mo Farah’s fall, he still had the stamina, the will power and the perseverance to not only carry on… not only finish the race but to also win.
When I first started performing, if I forgot the words or sang something out of tune, it would completely derail my entire performance. I would get so nervous and close up. It’s all well and good when you know the words in rehearsal but one small distraction in the audience could mean you blanking on your lyrics completely. Been there? Keeping calm and carrying on is the best recovery method because it always looks gracious and as long as it’s not a fall like Beyoncé’s – you can still make it look relatively unnoticed. She still made it look cool …the way she got up like that! The show must always go on.

2). Competing At The Highest Level Means Understanding You Can Fail At That Level Too

When you fall, competitors will run passed you because they too are trying to get to where you’re going. It’s just the name of the game and it’s up to you get back up and keep moving. Momentarily falling (or failing) among the best of the best will eventually make you better. The music industry is saturated with all kinds of musicians and sometimes it is hard to get noticed. Mo Farah’s race taught me that even when you do get to that ideal spot where you are running with the big dogs, you have to recognize that the competition will become a lot more fierce if you fail at that level too. Failing is inevitable and it teaches us so much more than winning ever could. Maintaining your position becomes just as important as winning and understanding this makes you want to be the best at every level.

3). Create A Healthy Mindset

Success has a lot to do with our state of mind and mental health. What you tell yourself when you succeed is just as important as what you tell yourself when you fail. There is a lot of power in words and the more practice you get at being positive about your successes and achievements, the easier it will be for you to step out of a mental rut and push through momentary failure. On the journey to success as a musician, we encounter so many pitfalls and sometimes the only thing that keeps us going is how much we believe in ourselves and our dreams. If you don’t believe in yourself you can’t expect anyone else to and especially when you fail, that’s the time that you need your overall vision for your career to be at the forefront of your mind.
Be like Mo Farah. Look failure in the eye and say – “I can still win”.
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