When you’ve got one of those performance opportunities that either require you to stay and mingle afterwards, it would be good to have a fashion plan post-performance. If you’re like me, you don’t want to prance around in shorts after you’ve performed at a wedding. LOL! Not a good look. I’ve been in so many situations where I haven’t planned anything past my performance whether it’s where the merch table should be, where my newsletter sign-up sheet should be placed etc. All these things are just as important as what to wear too. Appearance is important. The points I’ve come up with below are not dictating a certain style – it’s more to do with what to consider when you need to decide on an outfit.

1). Photo-ops!

Always be prepared to take pictures with your supporters, the event hosts etc. It helps to have an outfit that portrays you as your best self. This also applies to red carpet photos and interviews with the press.

2). Event Dress-Code

Consider where you are performing and what kind of event it is. You definitely want to stand out but not like a sore thumb. Choose an outfit that will make you stand out for the right reasons not the wrong ones. You don’t want to be running around in a pair of neon pants at a wedding reception (unless that’s the dress code lol). You’re allowed to go all out for your performance but respect your environment once you drop the mic.

3). Minimal Prep

Depending on where and when your performance is, you might want to choose an outfit that is quick to get on and that doesn’t require too much fuss – an iron, a steamer etc. Backstages are always chaotic. If you don’t know the facilities that you will have access to… don’t assume anything and be prepared.

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