As musicians, we find ourselves being the epitome of the ‘struggling musician’ from time to time and can run the risk of giving up. Here are ways to shake it off and keep on persevering.

Remind yourself ‘why?’

Look back on your accomplishments and remind yourself why you are good enough to keep moving towards your goals. If you can, place some of your achievements on your wall; a concert program of one of your shows you are proud of, a picture with someone in the industry who inspires you. It could be anything but make sure you place it somewhere visible enough that is a constant reminder of how far you’ve come.

Stay healthy

As we all know, health plays a major part in your mental state and mood. When you feel a little discouraged, check yourself and look for ways that you may be leading an unhealthy lifestyle. Get a gym membership or do some exercises at home. 30 minutes every morning can go a long way and bring you back to your happy place. Eating right is also important so watch what you snack on during rehearsals or a late night recording session.

Gratitude journal

I’ve seen the power in this. I’ve started jotting down all the things I’m grateful for even if it’s just one thing a day. When I feel a little frustrated, looking back at all that I’m grateful for in my life – [not just accomplishments but also what I have and who I have in my life], I am able to put things into perspective and keep going.


Make a list of people you know you can trust, who you can call and who will beat you back in to shape with a few words of wisdom. In the instances where you are discouraged, it’s better to have someone to not only wipe your tears but slap you back to reality and let you know why you’re in this industry in the first place. Such people will usually know your vision and purpose and possibly understand the struggles you’re going through to be able to give you sound advice and support.


You may not always be in the praying mood in the times when you are frustrated and brow beaten but it goes without saying that prayer always helps. Taking a few deep breathes and meditating can boost your energy but prayer tends to be powerful enough to take the burden off your shoulders and place them on God’s instead.

I hope this helps.

Till next time!

K xx