Shoes Glorious shooooooes!!!!!!! What woman doesn’t love shoes?! One of the most important accessories for every outfit and the one item that can make or break an entire evening. From 8 inches to flats; we as performers need to pay attention to the kind of shoes we wear on stage – not just how they look but more importantly how they feel. Here are a few things to take into consideration when choosing the shoe for you!

1). Old Or New

I don’t mean whether it’s vintage or part of a current fashion trend. I mean exactly this… is it an old pair of shoes that you’ve worn before or is it new? If it’s new then it’s more of an issue. New shoes as we all know need to be broken in. Don’t head on stage in a brand new pair of shoes if you plan on being on your feet for more than 30 minutes. Of course it depends on the brand and style of shoe but generally your comfort level can be affected if you’re working with brand new shoes.

2). Heel Height

How high are these heels? Can you walk, dance and/or strut in them? Heel height should be chosen based on the amount of movement you are doing on stage. Anything above 5 inches could be quite high and cause issues with your ankles or back so be careful.

3). Heel Thickness

Having a sturdy heel can really help with you balance and ensure that your movement on stage is elegant yet firm.
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4). Quick Change

If you’re an artist who changes once or twice during a tour or a long show, be careful of the shoes you choose in these situations. Choose something that you can slip off easily with a zip or velcro etc. Anything too strappy that will require a lot of time to get off will get you anxious and waste too much time.

5). Ankle Support

If you’re an artist who dances on stage a lot, your ankles and their support should be a key consideration. Refinery 29 have some great tips on strap patterns, crisscross straps, lace choices etc.
Courtesy of Giuseppe Zanotti.

6). Soles

Do your shoes have a good grip and give you support so that you don’t slip or fall on stage? There are always lots of wires on the stage floor so it is imperative that you have a rubber grip to prevent an embarrassing fall.

7). Right Fit For Outfit

Of course, this is important! There’s nothing worse than having an amazing outfit but letting it all down with the worst pair of shoes. Choose wisely whether it’s based on color or style and don’t be afraid to be bold and unique in your choice. ‘Mis-matches’ can be great matches. Matchy-matchy also has its place.
NEWARK, NEW JERSEY - APRIL 01: Singer Brandy performs during the Black Girls Rock! 2016 show at New Jersey Performing Arts Center on April 1, 2016 in Newark, New Jersey. (Photo by Brian Killian/Getty Images)

(Photo by Brian Killian/Getty Images)

8). Type Of Stage

If you have the chance to see the stage that you will be performing on prior to the day of the performance, be aware of what it’s finishing is… carpeted? concrete? this can really determine the kind of shoe you wear based on your movement during your set.

9). Other Accessories

Your shoes could have a customized cushioned instep? That’s always a plus. Also, the wider the straps the better so that they can be support and they don’t dig in to your skin. Open toe shoes can be nice if your feet are properly manicured and presentable. Closed shoes also have their place. Read this too for information on how Taylor Swift and Madonna dance in heels.
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