The Beetle Sessions is a 2-part cover song series that features the collaboration between Polly Alakija and I, yours truly – Kaliné.

I have always wanted to collaborate with Polly Alakija and we have eventually figured out how.


This amazing VW Beetle is a vintage car that was found on the outskirts of Lagos. She brought it in and painted a design that commemorates Nigeria’s independence with the huge 1960 across the 2 doors and also all 36 states around the tires.

The car when started is extremely noisy, like a loud generator. The musty smell of the  upholstery and the dust and rust is just all very cool and vintage-y to me.

  1. ‘Shakitibobo’ – originally made famous by Olamide a.k.a Baddosneh

When I was deciding on songs for this series, I wanted to do something that was totally unexpected, challenging and unique. I wanted the song to still be recognizable but I wanted to make an arrangement that would place the song in a whole new genre to where it was initially.

Olamide is a superstar Afro-pop artist in Nigeria and I love love love his song ‘Shakitibobo’. It was until I did this cover that I realized what he was actually saying. I had to write every single line down and practice and practice for ages before I learned the melody. After that, I then figured out how to add my own touch to it and make it my own. I absolutely respect Olamide and his vocal ideas. Very creative and unusual. I hope he gets to here this.

Here are some pictures. Video below!

pic1 pic4 pic6