February is here and it is a very special month for us at Kaliné HQ because today marks a year since the release of ‘The Fires Of Red” audio and visual story album.


“The Fires Of Red”: Season One is a modern fiction about a group of 5 Nigerian friends (Tomi, Anji, Roman, Hakeem and Kechi) experiencing life and her various seasons.

The protagonist, Tomi serves as a narator as we embarked on the journey through her eyes.

A tale of love, friendship and betrayal. Tomi and her boyfriend Roman turn to their exes shortly after Roman’s ex Kechi arrives in Lagos from New York.

They don’t realize that this is an orchestrated attempt by Anji (Tomi’s longtime friend) to resume what was a very short affair with who she considered her true love – Roman.

The great ploy is filled with twists and turns, baby mama drama and even a surprising proposal. Everything goes haywire when Hakeem (who we later find is in on Anji’s plan in order to woo Tomi successfully) decides to rat Anji out publicly.

The story was released through 14 songs (from February 1st to the 14th), accompanying dialogue and 14 drawings as cover artwork for each song. Here’s one below but see all songpisodes on the official TFOR website here.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 11.23.45 AM

All 14 songs were recorded by Kaliné in her New York apartment – mostly in her PJ’s. All songs were written, composed, arranged, recorded and produced by her as well as the drawings and the dialogue boxes.

TFOR’s triumphant 2015

Track 5: ‘Stranger’ and Track 8: ‘Everybody Knows’ were used in Nigerian TV series b430.

Before 30

Track 2: ‘Ki Lo Fe’ was used by international celebrity makeup artist/lifestyle blogger Michelle Phan in her “Summer Sunset Glow + Bonfire Party Ideas” video. Watch here

Kaline Michelle Phan Ki Lo Fe

Track 1: Tell You Of My Love was released in August, 2015 as the leading track off the TFOR album along with Nigeria’s first lyric video (shot in Brooklyn, New York) to go with it. Listen here. Watch below!

Tell You Of My Love Kaliné


The ‘Song-A-Day’ strategy was very well received with well above 13,900 listens …and counting. Listen here. Each songpisode has well over 500 listens on average. Ki Lo Fe ranks the highest.

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Thank you to all who have shown interest in this unique project right from the beginning and we hope that you all continue to enjoy the music.