After the worst job in the world i.e. scheduling a band rehearsal lol… finally getting everybody to agree to days and times is a huge accomplishment. For a productive rehearsal, here are a few things I find very useful to take along.

1). Songs (Available Without Wifi Connection)

This may go without saying but with all the devices we have these days, you may run into difficulty when trying to play your songs off soundcloud without a strong wifi connection. Make sure your songs are accessible without wifi.
Speaking of songs, bring not only demo versions but also past rehearsal versions – you never know which version your band members will engage with better.

2). Audio Recording Device

Recording rehearsals is essential. Encourage each band member to do the same as well. Sometimes you or someone else in your band might make a suggestion for a song and need a way to remember it before moving on. Recording is very handy. After rehearsals, you can send the recordings to the band so they can listen to all the songs before the next rehearsal or before the gig itself.
There are all kinds of voice recorders to suit all budgets. The iPhone App Store also has great apps for this.

3). Video Camera + Tripod

Video content is key. Invest in a great camera and make sure that you charge the battery the night before. Bring  an empty memory card because videos obviously take up a lot of space.
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