Whenever I hear artists and musicians say ‘I’ve been working so hard’, I think to myself – Great! But what does that look like? What does ‘hard work’ actually look like to someone looking in?

A lot of people say I work so hard but I beg to differ. If you’re like me, you might be looking for ways to work harder than perception would let you lol!

After a bit of research I realized it that a huge percentage of it comes down to physical work and practice. The rest is dieting and being diligent and sleep. So if you are wondering how to exert yourself – here are a few ways:

1). Extend Practice Hours

You may be practicing a certain number of hours a day already? Or not? Add practice or more practice to your routine and get into the habit of doing it consistently. More practice leads to other things like more songs and more ideas just because of the mere fact that you are working on/with your instrument more often.


2). Break A  Sweatier Sweat

Exercising has been such a struggle for me because it’s so hard to stay consistent over a long period of time. But, what exercise does (when I do it) is give in energy! energy! energy! And yes, you guessed it… more energy, more hours, more endorphins released to give you more creative ideas and a larger capacity to think logically, creatively and timely.


3). Wake Up Earlier

I have found that burning the midnight oil is fine in certain instances but it’s not a habit to be formed. Apparently 6-8 hours is a sufficient amount of shut-eye time for an adult and Arianna Huffington has told us all the important benefits of a good amount of sleep. With that said, if you are serious about your sleep patterns, then you’ll be able to work up early and start your day effectively. Early starts lead to getting more things done if you’re a morning person like me.

CRHJTF Woman sleeping in bed

CRHJTF Woman sleeping in bed

4). Lead By Example

If you’ve got a steady group of people that you see very often e.g. your band, their level of energy and enthusiasm is directly related to how much positive energy and enthusiasm you give them. I’ve found that in leading by example, you tend to make people feel more motivated to do better as well. A solid team who knows what they are there for and who actively play their part diligently will free you up to do more.


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