“Life should never be about the amount, the loudness or the quality of applause you get when you’ve achieved something?!”.

A few months ago I did this show and I had gone on that stage that night equipped with so much excitement that I was sure it would go well. I gave it a 6.8 – so above average! Throughout the performance, I felt like everything was going great. So as I hit the last note, I was looking forward to a decent applause… that never came. It wasn’t silent but it was very quiet lol! After the performance, a lot of people rushed up to me to say how much they enjoyed it and they didn’t want me to get off stage! HUH?! Photo Jan 09, 12 45 42 AMInitially, I went from feeling good to feeling not so good all because of the reaction of the audience after I got off stage. I got weighed down by my audience’s perception of what I should have been fully secure about – my talent.

Opinions should never be as important as how we really feel about ourselves.

As a self-managed artist, the lack of a strong team can sometimes push you to believe that you are alone, forcing you to be your own cheerleader even when doubt creeps in. But, one heart full of cheer is better than a group of cheerleaders and ‘Yes Men’ on payroll. (That’s why it is better to be found by a manager than look/pay for one).Photo Jan 09, 12 15 34 AMIn life I have come to realize that your performances (and actions) that you are most proud of may not always warrant a standing ovation even though they deserve it. The loudness, length and quality of claps isn’t always a reflection of how good or bad your performance is.

What might make people not clap as much as you would like?

1). Unfamiliarity: If you are a ‘breath of fresh air’/’an anomaly’, chances are you will come across audiences that are not quite sure what box to put you in. They may know you’re good but don’t know why.

2). Distraction: We live in a noisy world – literally, figuratively and metaphorically. The shorter our attention spans become, the harder it is to capture the attention of an audience for a long period of time.

3). Shock: There is a chance that a certain type of performance may not always require resounding applause because of the nature or the delivery of the message. This happened to me once after I sang “Bring Them Home” (Tribute song for the abducted Chibok Girls) – very little applause but several emails and calls about how powerful it was.

4). Dislike: You can’t be everybody’s cup of tea! If you are promoting yourself the right way – targeting a specific demographic – you will definitely exclude some people.

Photo Jan 09, 12 27 29 AMSo how do you still feel good about what you do even if you don’t get the acclaim that you see other’s getting? Are you doing the things you do to get a certain amount of applause or are you just doing what makes you happy?

“The person who seeks all their applause from outside has their happiness in another’s keeping” ~ Dale Carnegie

The culture of instant gratification in our digital age today leaves us disillusioned to the idea that whatever we do either deserves a like/heart/thumbs up OR a thumbs down/no response/no comment. That’s madness!

“Applause does not always mean approval”.

Applause could be encouragement for something you shouldn’t even be doing or even something that’s not sustainable. The want and desire for it while it’s there is fine but what happens when it’s gone? Photo Jan 09, 12 50 31 AM (1)Life is like one big stage performance – you’ve got people cheering you on and you’ve got people who are stricken with envy. The stage symbolizes that elevated platform you place yourself upon when you realize that you are the star of you’re own story. Build the stage, people will come to watch …and pay too – if you are good at what you do.

Heaven will always applaud efforts with good intention and passion. The lack of a resounding applause or a standing ovation should never be a reason to stop believing in yourself.Photo Jan 09, 12 57 23 AMWith all this said, applause never hurt nobody. If they boo you off stage…we may have a problem. Tee hee!!!!

Till next time. K xx