After the first justKaliné show in February, I don’t know why it felt like it would be an eternity till the next show. But, nope!! It crept up so quickly on us.

What I love most about these monthly shows is the intimacy, the interaction, the fact that people can truly let their hair down and not feel shy about getting up to dance or to shout out the lyrics to their favorite songs.

It’s always so heart-warming to get reactions from people. I had 3 different audience members come up to me at the end to say their day had been so horrible but the show and the ambience just lifted their spirits. If that’s not a mission accomplished, I don’t know what is. YAY!

My growth

As a performer, my confidence level has increased since the first show, I take more risks vocally, I feel a lot more grounded and focused more on the primary goal of ‘sharing music’ and entertaining an audience.

I really hope that if you weren’t there, that you can make the next one on Friday, April 27th. 

But for now, Here are a few pictures from the night.

See you at the next one!!