My dad turned 60 on Saturday!!!

He looks 40.

How did this happen?

Does this mean I’m old? …at 21 *side-eye*…

Moving swiftly on….

When my dad asked me to give him a concert for his 60th birthday, initially I was unsure about how I wanted the setlist to be and the layout of the show. As the day got closer and as I was having rehearsals with my band, I decided that I would do a show that would depict who I am as a musician thanks to the kind of musical upbringing I had from him. I also infused his all-time favorite artists into the set by singing their songs as covers.

It was a full band show of 7-band members (3 keyboards including mine,  tenor sax, trumpet, 2 background vocalists, bass, guitar, drums) and 2 dancers as well. SO MUCH FUN.

The stage was designed by me and the layout of the hall worked out perfectly for a laid-back concert.

Here are some pictures of us on stage

In attendance were 3 generations of people – from my grandparents down to my friends. It was an all-inclusive show with great participation too.

Dancers: Treasure and Izzy (Consultancy by Kaffy Imagneto Dance Company)

Band members: Guitar/Music Director – Philip Uzo. Bass – Femi Ajayi, 2nd Keyboard – Timothy Ogunbiyi, Drums – Emeke El Drums, Tenor Saxophone – Raphael Lasisi, Trumpet – Taiwo Clegg, Background vocalists – Ugo and Mela.

Father-Daughter Duet

And here’s that moment when I called my dad up on stage to perform one of his favorite songs in the world with me ‘Imagine’ by The Beatles.