I woke up this morning feeling elated at the happenings of last night. It is not often that I come away from a performance feeling like I really had the chance to do my best. There are so many factors that can put a dampener on my mood leading up to going on stage especially in Lagos – which of course is something that I’m constantly trying to fight against and avoid.

Woman Rising is a fantastic platform that has been running for 7 years and showcases amazing alternative female artists in Africa. Created by Ugoma Adegoke, the night is intimate and is carefully crafted to accommodate an audience of purely live music lovers.

So, when I was asked to perform, I was so excited. I got to perform with this amazing group of musicians, most of which I’ve played with/directed by my very own Music Director Philip Uzo. I knew it was going to be a great show seeing as the real purpose for the show – music – was the focal point of the night.

I appreciate being selected among such amazing female artists and I thoroughly look forward to seeing what Woman Rising continues to do for females in this country and industry.

See pictures below: