I’m so excited to share this interview with you as it was conducted for a fabulous platform called ‘She Leads Africa’. I’m such a huge fan of theirs so when I was called by the co-founder to be interviewed, it was truly an honor. They asked me so many interesting questions that pertain to my plans, my journey, my purpose and my message. 

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

What do you see yourself achieving as a musician and as a representation of African women, whether in the near future or the far future? What advice would you have for women trying to navigate the industry?

There is so much importance in understanding that we all need to be true to ourselves in order to reach our fullest potential. Patience is key for achieving your goals. Patience does not mean sitting around and waiting for something to happen. It means going out and doing what you can with the resources—limited or not—and pushing ahead with clear goals.


Read the full interview here


K xx