I had a great interview today at Silverbird HQ in Lagos, Nigeria. I was asked to talk about life as a self-managed artist and also about the challenges I face with being a live performer in an environment where lip-synching is just as popular.

“Being a Self-Managed artist has it’s challenges but I’m beginning to realize that it also has it’s perks. For one, I get to have great conversations like this and share my unique journey. Independence just means you have to figure out a lot of things on your own without the support of a team or a manager. I’d rather learn a lot of things on my own so that I can delegate appropriately and effectively when the right manager or management team comes along”.

“Being a live performer is no joke when you have to wheel a 55kg keyboard around the place but I get comfort in knowing that once I set it up, my piano sound is top-notch”. 

See behind-the-scenes photographs below.

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