“Don’t let the fears, insecurities, and limiting beliefs of others limit what’s possible for you” – Hal Elrod

1). Know Yourself And Your Values

Knowing your values and your potential will help to remove your away from the ‘mediocrity path’ as long as your values are in line with a bigger and greater purpose than what is already out there in the industry. I often get distracted by what I see but then I remind myself about where I want to be and how I want to get there. All our paths are different but they are all valid.

2). Consider Only ‘You’ As Your Competition

Making ‘you’ your only competition reduces the level of mediocrity that your brand can be exposed to as long as you consistently have high standards for yourself. Looking at a mediocre industry and trying to compare yourself to what’s out there is futile because whatever or whoever you think is better than you always be the bar that you set for yourself. You were made for more.

3). Consistently Fight For Higher Standards

News travels faster. Bad news travels faster. If for example you are constantly doing a lot of free gigs, be aware that people talk and if that gets around… you may be getting invited to more free gigs than paid ones. Don’t let an inaccurate assumption be formed against you. Set a high standard for your art and in turn you will have enough financing and exposure to never have to subscribe to mediocrity.

4). Attach Yourself To Other Brands That Seek High Standards

The same way it is imperative to surround with like-minded purpose-driven doers in order to be held accountable to achieve your own goals, the same way you must surround your brand and its values with brands that will never settle for mediocrity but rather endeavor to be the best at what they do.

5). Keep Your Core Values At The Forefront Of Your Brand Message

Matching your brand message with your values allows your audience to ‘get the picture’. They then, overtime, become more acquainted with your values and can even start to hold you accountable. You then owe it to them to be responsible. Although this may create a little pressure, it will keep you on your toes which is what you wanted in the first place anyway.

6). Become A Thought Leader

Be an expert in your industry. This adds a different dimension to your brand and makes you much more valuable to the average talent buyer, or concert promoter etc. Own your position and promote yourself in such a way that mediocrity doesn’t even fit into your story.