Someone asked me the other day why I only write slow love songs.

I said… I don’t! [Tee hee!]

I’m happy that I get to write this post a few days to #cupidday #loveday a.k.a ‘Valentine’s Day’ – one of the lucrative days for flower shops, restaurants, airlines, vacation spots, chocolate sellers, jewelry merchants… you get the picture. If we are spending so much money on gestures of love, how come there is still so much hatred in the world? Are we not being genuine? Are we only expressing romantic love and not brotherly/sisterly love.

I always get asked about my choice of subject matter in songwriting and why I have more love songs than anything else. Given that most of said songs are derived from conversations/other influences and not my own personal experiences, I still admit that it is the easiest subject to write about. IMG_1086According to this article, it appears that the many variations of the acceptance or obtainment of love are in fact what most popular songs cry about – the number 1 topic is loss of love. Isn’t that just a little bit ridiculous? Then again, Adele built an entire career off the heels of heartbreak.

My theory is; the lack of basic everyday compassionate, genuine love is so resounding and with the growing accessibility to diluted acts of love forces us to settle for less in order to fill the void.Yet, none of us can help but truly admit that real, honest, patient love is the one we truly desire.

Commercial viability as a self-managed artist is a reason to sing about love whether we songwriters care about it or not. It’s a subject that everyone can relate to. I’ve learned that variety is key. It’s important to sing songs that people can relate to and understand as part of the day-to-day framework – we all experience love in its different forms. I may have a lot of slow love songs but I also know it is important to put out something that people can dance to like my song  Tell You Of My Love released in 2015.

Being self-managed forces you to consider other ways of getting your audience’s attention or even sometimes attracting a different audience entirely. Being self-managed means understanding your sound but willing to experiment with other kinds too. Treating Kaliné as a business and a brand has taught me to take risks and be fearless. It helps with growth too. IMG_1093To end, I leave you with the lyrics to my favorite love song – ‘As‘ by Stevie Wonder.

“As around the sun the earth knows she’s revolving

And the rosebuds know to bloom in early May

Just as hate knows love’s the cure

You can rest your mind assure

That I’ll be loving you always.”IMG_1100This Valentine’s day:

Don’t chase love, give love instead. Love God and Yourself, Love your country and your neighbors as yourself. live to love and love to live, Invest your time in being a person who is worthy of being loved. Eagerly await love and at the right time, love will find you. ~ Lanre Olusola.

Till next time,

K xx