As a songwriter, it should be natural for me to think of writing a song when I have gone through something poignant in my life. Whenever I speak to my girlfriends about matters of the heart, a lot of them always end the long teary-eyed conversation with – ‘Write a song about it’.

Whenever I’m sad, it rarely crosses my mind. All I want to do is crawl into bed and watch some random TV show to get my mind of things. I don’t know how Adele did it.

Relationships are hard especially when you know exactly what you want. All kinds of men come and go and guarding your heart isn’t easy. Once in a while, life allows you to let yourself go and open your heart just a little to learn something new about what falling in love should really feel like… or look like. 

The urge to write songs specifically about the dates I’ve been on and friendships that could’ve turned into something more is very low. Writing a song certainly isn’t closure for me. Far from it. Most of the love songs I’ve written are a mixture of things I’ve gone through but mostly what others’ have gone through – things I learn about via conversation, social media, TV, books etc. I’m so good about making a story out of any other life but my own when it comes to love.

I do know that creatively, we must always allow ourselves to write about anything and everything no matter how it makes us feel.

The more and more I think about it, I realize how dumb it is to think that writing a song about a lost love or a current love might give them some sort of power. Songwriting is about sharing. People listen to songs and fall in love with songs because they can relate to them. You never know – writing songs about past experiences may help a listener is some way.

How do you deal with discussing your love-situations in your songs?

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