AndraDay-460x305 Do you realize how powerful songwriting can be?
I came across this awesome clip of Andra Day being interviewed by none other than Mary J. Blige on her Beats One interview series. Andra was discussing the inspiration behind her upcoming single “Gold“. The song, she mentions, is about her infidelity during an 8-year long relationship.
It got me thinking about how powerful songwriting can be to get closure, to learn from our mistakes and not hide behind our transgressions. None of us are perfect. We all have moments of bad judgement and we all make mistakes. The true test is how you deal with the mistakes you make. As songwriters, we may have a hard time putting pen to paper but when it comes to our hurts and paints – Mary and Andra agree that songwriting in these situations is a form of therapy.
“Your life (gives) you the songs” – Mary J. Blige.
maxresdefault-2Our talents and gifts are about sharing. The intelligent way we are able to convey our mistakes through music may someday be a powerful lesson to someone else who is on a similar path. I say, don’t take it for granted.
Watch the clip here