The day was Saturday the 26th, 2015. I woke up at about 7am with an itchy throat. Nothing serious. Nothing that hot water and honey couldn’t fix, or so I thought.


By 11am, I could barely speak coherently. My eyes were aching, my nose was running like an athlete training for the marathon.

Why was this a major issue? My show – justKaliné: 4 edition was approaching quite quickly and was set for the 30th. The venue was booked, the tickets were printed, the food was ordered, the lights were hired, the band was booked, rehearsals had already started and were already scheduled for everyday till the show (yup, I’m a tyrant like that). And yet… this was the morning of the 26th and my voice sounded like a drainage malfunction.

By that afternoon I had two volumes; soft and mute? I tried not to panic. I sent out for all kinds of traditional/home remedies, I called my doctor, I even took advice from my gateman who said I should eat ‘Robb’ – something that I and a many other Nigerians always thought was that ointment that was a little stronger than lip balm. I won’t lie, I thought about it for about 5 minutes then I snapped back into sanity.

I tried everything else. You name it.

My Aunty sent me a ginger concoction immediately and she remained on speed dial for the rest of the week.


Hot water, lime; together and separately.


My friend even made me promise to chew bitter kola. He was adamant about me combining it with the sweetness of tom-tom to cancel out the horrific and truly bitter taste. I owe him big time because this was the quickest working remedy. Thanks Mr. O.


Vitamin C tablets.

I had Paracetamol handyl for the accompanying headache. I had Day-Nurse, Night-Nurse accompanied with tons and tons of water. I had it all.


While my self-medication and apparent overdosing was going on, I was in-between 6-hour daily rehearsals, creating and sending out newsletters and flyers, making and editing promotion videos for instagram, Facebook and youtube, timing my countdown campaign on social media, handling money from advanced ticket sales, re-negotiating exorbitant prices for various things like sound engineering, equipment hire and lighting. Naturally, my throat got worse.

3 sleeps till d-day and my sore throat, headache, flu symptoms got progressively worse. BUT – the show must always go on. And so it did.


On the day of the show I was heavily medicated on all of the above and had ginger tea on the ready if I felt any slight dryness in my throat. I expected to be more nervous given the situation but even my band members were shocked at the amount of calm I exuded. I’m usually pretty anxious, trying to get a whole bunch of things sorted. The most random things go wrong on show day but on Wednesday, the 30th –  I blame it on the pills and potions I had because I was as calm as a floating feather.



Check out more photos here

We sang together, we laughed, we danced, we ate, we drank – we had a merry old time and the secret of my unpredictable throat was kept until this very post.

Being a Self-managed artist has taught me to expect the unexpected and constantly challenge myself to keep moving even when the circumstances are not ideal.

Welcome to my new blog.