For the past few months, I’ve had the privilege and honour of co-creating with God. This song documents my thoughts and celebrates the most important and unique time of my life, to date. It introduced me to my body. I had never known or fully understood the strength that is housed in the female form. I had never known it’s true capabilities.

I had never know what it fully represents. I had never appreciated its beauty in such a deep way. I had never acknowledged its power. My evolution from one stage of my life to this next one has taught me about myself and my invincibility. I’m so excited to share this song with you that was birthed at a time when I struggled with my identity, my confidence. It has since changed me. I see myself more. I love myself more.

This song was inspired by every woman who has struggled to love their body with all its flaws and that has come out on the other side. It is dedicated to every woman who has struggled to love their body but is willing to embark on this beautiful journey of self-love. Our bodies are EVERYTHING. Share this with every woman who needs encouragement to love her body.


This Body (Lyrics)

This body is a masterpiece / A wondrous sight to see / This body is more than what men see inside of their dreams ~ just a silhouette made of poetic lines / This body is a work of art / Magnificent with all its scars / This body is beautiful at every stage, perfect in every way / Whether thick or thin, or light or dark

Ooooh This body, this body is everything / Ooooh This body, this body is everything

This body can create a child / This body should be glorified / This body can start a generation and build a whole new nation / It should be worshipped not objectified

Ooooh This body, this body is everything / Ooooh This body, this body is everything







Song credits:

Music and Lyrics:

Kaline Executive Producer: Kaline

Produced/Mixed/Mastered: Danny

Video credits:

Hair/Makeup: Kaline

Director: Rosanna Mailan

Cinematography: Petros Skoutas

Costume Design: Odalis Palma