“Be yourself. The world worships the original.” ~ Ingrid Bergman

Being yourself can be daunting. Sometimes it seems a lot easier to just take the easy road and follow the trend. The truth is, we will all have moments of inauthenticity but the trick is to have as few of those moments as possible as we strive to be the best version of ourselves.

As a self-managed musician, I have come to understand why it is important to pursue the road less travelled and be brave enough to be a unique. You fall prey to the average mind who would rather advise you to get on the band-wagon and do what everyone else is doing or they’ll even try to push you off course. The key is to understand how to determine what is the right criticism and figure out how to push-through negativity in the face of challenges.

Here are a few reasons why being authentic will be the best decision you can make for yourself, your life and your career.

1). Authenticity Is A Huge Time-saver

Pretending to be someone else can take up a lot of time. You run the risk of trying to stay relevant as another person, making sure that you’re staying on the the course of what is essentially their own journey. You also loose yourself to an ‘idea’ of what you should be and it soon becomes harder and even more time consuming to get back to who you are at your core.

Don’t make the mistake of starting out as a photocopy when being an original will get you to your goals a lot quicker. 

2). Fatigue Of The Mind

Keeping up with a particular persona can be tiring. You spend hours and hours ensuring that every step you take is towards achieving goals that reflects the kind of person you are trying to become not who you are meant to be. You are constantly keeping up appearances; thinking like someone else, talking like someone else, behaving like someone else. When it comes down to it, there is a likelihood that you become so consumed by another character that living two lives starts to weigh you down mentally and emotionally.

Don’t let the burden of inauthenticity seep into the way you think and reason. The mind is too powerful to take for granted. 

3). People Can Tell When You’re Not

It’s very easy to blow your cover when you’re not being yourself. You run the risk of betraying people who are rooting for. The danger with this is that if and when you decide to embrace yourself as who you truly are, you may loose people.

Don’t forget that your true self will eventually want to be seen and accepted for what it is. 

4). Less Of A Strain To Be Perfect

Although I am a perfectionist, I know that nothing and no one can ever be perfect. I’ve learned working towards being your best self is about being whole – ensuring that all the dots in your life are connecting in the right ways and that all aspects of your life are working well together. Being ‘whole’ doesn’t mean perfect. It’s better than that. You embrace your imperfections when you strive for authenticity and that’s a much healthier aspiration.

Inauthenticity becomes the desire to be perfect at someone else’s dream. You can never come close to a high level of achievement doing what you were not called to do. 

5). It Can Withstand The Heat

Authenticity makes you more aware of struggles, makes you more fit for battles and makes you ready to face challenges throughout the course of your life. Engaging in ways to achieve this authenticity can be daunting but once you get to a point where you start to see traction in your career, you realize that a lot of battles you’ve had to fight have prepared you for whatever else is coming your way in the future.

A genuine spirit that has faced the heat of the world for so long will eventually know how to survive no matter how many times the flames flare up. 

6). It’s Half The Battle To Longevity

The best reason for staying true to yourself is; it will almost always ensure that you achieve your fullest potential (combined with hard work). We have all heard that phrase time and time again  – “To thyself be true” and the reason for this is that no matter what field you are in, no matter what industry you choose to be in, and no matter what your purpose is, the way to success lies in how close to authenticity you are. We all have some specific seed of wisdom, or skill or expertise that will add value to somebody else and this is why authenticity must be practiced.

There’s no success without hard work but authenticity helps to pave the way.