Are we to make music for ourselves or for others? How much attention should we pay to what our listeners and growing fanbase say that they want from us?
I’ve always believed that music, talent and purpose are about sharing, about giving of ourselves to others. But with that said, this quote from Norah Jones really gets me thinking about serving yourself as an artist first before making music that appeals to your audience.
“She created music that pleased her first, and her passion for jazz, country, and fold has grabbed her fans emotionally. …She’s never been anything but herself, and that, combined with spectacular talent and natural charm, explains why she’s a multi-platinum star as well as, by all accounts, a very normal, well-adjusted young woman whom people adore.”
~ The Brand Called You (Peter Montoya and Tim Vandehey)
The truth is your passion for something will always shine through no matter what you do and I find that people usually get hooked on something when they can see the passion that is apparent.
If we all decided to make music that we genuinely loved not worrying too much about how much money it would bring us or how famous it would make us …I wonder what the industry would be like?!

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